Madison Street Apartment

Carlsbad, CA, USA

Construction is planned for 2019.  Working in conjunction with Prophet  Solutions and Andrew Carlos this 4-unit complex will be constructed in the affluent ocean-side town of Carlsbad.

Within walking distance to Carlsbad Village and Carlsbad beach this four-unit apartment fits in with the existing neighborhood while providing a progressive and clean aesthetic through the use of articulation, varied materials and finishes.

Charlotte Street Complex

Fredericton, NB, Canada

Built from 2010 to 2012, this 8-unit apartment complex was a two phase development to fill a vacant downtown lot in Fredericton, NB.  Awarded “Best Infill Development” by the City of Fredericton, this apartment fits seamlessly with the surrounding buildings.  The complex is located downtown and only four short blocks from the Saint John River and its network of walking and biking trails.  This building is a great example of a combining old with new.  The façade is a reproduction of classic heritage buildings, while the interior is modern with an open concept design.